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Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale
Physical Address:  3100 LaForce Blvd.
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 60658
Midland, TX 79711

Phone: 432-563-0921
Fax: 432-617-0087 

Jeannette Kolokoff - Executive Directorjkolokoff@mosc.org
Violet Singh - Development Directordevelopment@mosc.org
Crystal Radford - Marketing Directormarketing@mosc.org
Rino Irving - Operations Manager / Librarianrino@mosc.org
Melissa Graham & Caryn Crutchfield
- Personnel Department - personnel@mosc.org
Emily Baker - Voices of the Permian Basin Youth Choir Directorkidschoir@mosc.org
Greg Pysh - Chorale Conductorchorale@mosc.org
Deanna Russell - Office Administratorsymphony@mosc.org

You may also fill out the form below and someone from our office will be happy to contact you on the next business day.

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